About us

Welcome to the Skinny Dog Collective, a passion project born in my Amsterdam apartment, inspired by my whippet Zadie and her sighthound pals. 

A couple of weeks before the corona pandemic hit I brought home Zadie, the 5 month old blue whippet. I soon realized it was pretty much impossible to find dog clothing that fit her properly and complimented my own style - especially in Europe. 

I had never touched a sewing machine before and learning a new skill seemed rather daunting, but the lockdown boredom and love for my stubborn dog won over my never ending procrastination. My main goal was to make a jumper that would give Zadie the comfort and freedom of movement she deserves, while staying warm and looking good.

With the guidance of creatives around me, a lot of cursing and long nights sewing and testing patterns, I finally created a timeless jumper that I was happy with. The lovely hounds in our local park in Amsterdam East tested them out and gave me the feedback I needed to improve the designs. And that’s how Skinny Dog Collective was born. 


Stella van Schaick

Made in Amsterdam & Kyiv

When we adopted our second dog Leia, a Boston terrier who came to Amsterdam with Ukrainian refugees, we became friends with Anna Chebotarova. She had been organising the transport of refugee families and their dogs from her home country, in addition to supplying the Ukrainian army with protection through donations rallied here in Amsterdam.

Anna supported SDC from the start and when I was struggling to find a seemstress to help me with the demand (I work a full time job in the creative industry) she suggested asking her friend Nataliya in Kyiv for help.

Nataliya had been running her succesful one woman sewing studio in Kyiv for years before the war started. But the war had left her with little work besides making bulletproof vests.

When Anna told me about her, I put my reservations regarding outsourcing to lower income countries aside and decided that I wanted to work with her. She really needed an income and I needed a seamstress.

Giving back

There and then it was also decided that 20% of our profits would go back into charities in Ukraine or with a sighthound focussed mission, to help the many dogs left without the forever homes we all wish for them.

We have so far donated 45 Skinny Dog jumpers to Galgos del Sol in spain to help keep the winter intake warm during the colder months.

Anna and Nataliya have made such a huge impact on Skinny Dog Collective and, this little brand wouldn't be growing right now without the love for their people and country. Thank you.

Can't find the right size?

Don't hesitate to send us a message with any questions about sizing. We also take custom orders!