Size guide

Which size is the right fit for my hound?

It can be a bit of a challenge to figure out how to correctly measure your hound. This size guide will help you on your way.

Measuring your hound

Make sure your hound is standing up straight (time this if you have a lazy one, the struggle isn't worth it).

We need three measurements:

  • The back, from the neck to the top of the tail.
  • Around the neck, almost at the widest part.
  • Around the chest, at the deepest part.

See drawing on the left.

If you aren't sure which size to go with, size up. We'd love to hear from you if you have questions, every hound has a different body :)

The Daily & The Inbetweener

These come sleeveless and with long sleeves, but those measurements have already been calculated for you.

A comfortable fit, complementing the shape of the hound but spacious enough to zoom and snooze in.

Breed examples:
XXS // small Italian Greyhound
XS // Italian Greyhound
S // large Italian Greyhound or Whiggy
M // Whippet, Windsprite, Basenji
L // Whippet, Podenco, Circneco dell'Etna
XL // Large Whippet, Longdog, Grippet
XXL // small Greyhound, Lurcher, Silken Windhound, Ibizan Hound
3XL // Greyhound, Galgo, Pharaoh Hound, Saluki
4XL // large Greyhound, Azawakh, Afghan Hound
5XL // Borzoi, Deerhound

The Dramac

The Dramac is worn like a cape, making it easy to put on and take off. The front has a split allowing for freedom of movement.

The back is long, covering a good part of the tail so they can't complain about it getting wet.

The Dramac secures with a velcro belt, and comes in a pouch that can be snapped to your belt or bag.

Can't find the right size?

Don't hesitate to send us a message with any questions about sizing. We also take custom orders!